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I noticed that I failed to actually do some proper sketches during the past term… and also during 2nd year: it was mostly writing and sketchy hieroglyphics… as a New Years resolution (besides oathing once again to accomplish all the past ones from 5 years ago THIS TIME FOR SURE) I’ll sketch much more from this day on.

Some sneak previews of what I might see this project developing, eventually… its not cheating, its not avoiding the systemic logic of bottom up design, buuuut… just to scribble some ideas on paper. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some ideas of field population of my Y-component


A collection of ideas of how the Y-component eventually forms a series of trenches and barriers that distribute sediment and tide to create a marsh condition. How the field becomes colonised by the marsh and of how, within the mesh of the arrayed components, a porosity could be included that will further control, direct, filter, incoming tide and sediment at a 1:1 level.


Flirtin with the idea of a section, top one is when the Y-component has been colonised or in the process of and with a concrete coat that gives the extra porosity to the mesh. Bottom is the distribution of the Y-component.


Bringin together the field with a tide condition, where the field is an obstacle that redirects the flow.


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