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There is something about the branching as it gets narrower in the base and the components start to build up that is reminiscent of density, of stacking, of porosity that wasnt evident in the catalogue and only when its material it becomes evident in the so many other possibile arrangements the components can adopt. I am being metaphorical, not until I test these guys.

NEXT STEP: build a tank and start test these guys with real sediment. Model has to be redone with a sturdier material that can be tested with water flowing ove and over agai (akin to the youtube video of the shoreline)
NEXT STEP: setup a netlogo 3d simulation to test all my variations of these arrays under the sediment 2d model with added criteria such as build up of sediment in areas and not just a clean undifferentiated blue field.

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  1. really don’t like this… you have a super cool catalogue and a powerfull simulation-modelling technique… push them to the limit and use rapid prototyping to get precise material models to test and evolve…

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