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Some sketch renders on how Tidal Restrain can start to populate the landscape, trapping sediment and setting up the marshland condition.


  1. ok — it’s a progress from paper sketches and might be a choice in term of topology and geometry — next steps: 1. definition of explicit parameters which are generating and influencing the growth/proliferation/actualization of your material systems, once you have done this you should start to re-draw/model your prototype accordingly to this rules — so that you could define better the drawing technique and method for the eM generation 2. define a rapid prototyping technique you will use to physically test your model — chose one and start to evolve it — no other type of model i believe are appropriate for you project and your way of working at the moment — best claudia

  2. if i look at the beautiful catalogues and at your voronoi maps and net logo patterns i cannot figure out where is this mess coming from… use the intelligence that you have alredy built into your tools and the results will be much more inspiring…
    so why not sketching with netlogo3D, or voronoi 3D, or by pushing you catalogue to systematically build up 3D organisations?

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