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I havent setup the 3 other directions of the wave submerssion, but the first setup, and the only one that is pictured (copied three times to give an idea of the layout) was pretty good.

Still… the prototype looks depressingly rigid. This is 0 degree increment, hence, closed. The next tests have to do 3,5,7 and 10 increments.

Now that I have evidence of how the sediment FINALLY responds to my prototype I can start plotting it on my site. For actual plotting Ill have to vary, not only the incrementation rotation but also the flexibility of the component itself in relation to topographt. Thats the forgotten logic: PIVOTING of the material system.

I would hope to have some rigid material systems actualised by tuesday and with a proto park setup. Then I can loosen them up with the pivoting variation and with further sedimentation performance testing responding to topography (friction) and the new angles.

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