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Im officially obsessed with black…

These are the list of consultants to Marsh Condenser: their invaluable information and willing to share it with me was pivotal in getting me to a stage where I am confident in explaining what at the beginning of the year looked like a daunting brief. My thanks to all of them.


Now that I am understanding more M.R. and S.M. formation (I even goes as far as coining my own abbreviations) I can sketch ideas with more confidence and start feeding in testing criterias for my material system.

Serious notes:


One of the objectives: promote intertidal sediment deposition that would serve as backbone for saltmarsh colonization. The ecoMachine should also modulate accretion speeds so receeding sediment from tidal flows is maintained in the intertidal area. Slow accretion allows for constant buildup of sediment in the intertidal zone, where saltmarshes build up.


The intertidal sediment deposition is distributed by the slope of the target area.


The bible of coastal geomorphology and saltmarsh formation. This is my obligatory reading for this weekend and I can proudly say: salt marsh formation is one tough subject to learn! Incredibly interesting I might say, though…


From the University of South Carolina, Carleton College (SERC) and some other American unis.

And a YouTube playlist dedicated to sedimentology!

Rhine Flood 1805 Simulation

Experimental Shoreline

Braided Stream Sediment Flume Experiment

Just a thought on how to render moving water when the time comes…