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Saltmarsh in Fingeringhoe, Essex.

Marsh Condenser ecoMachine

The project ambition is to propose a strategy that promotes sedimentation conditions along marshlands in an estuary site, actively encouraging the creation, preservation and propagation of these ecologies to revert its increasing decline.

The material system acts as a combination of hard and soft engineering technique to increase accretion levels within the test site which is necessary to stabilize marshland in risk. Soft engineering in the sense that it is highly sensitive to its positioning in relation to the environmental dynamics and stresses that contribute to the preservation or destruction of a marshland ecology. Hard engineering in its material presence acting as “sediment corset” and allowing an architectural intervention that embeds itself within the emerging ecology.

The generic condition of the material system facilitates its deployability in site and its manufacturing, more of this part of the project dealt in extensive detail in the Technical Studies 3 section.

The project proposes a new park typology where marsh preservation and architectural intervention coexist, both acting as promoters for the regaining of this loss habitat.

Note: This Ambition will be updated whenever there is a dead-end, light-bulb moment or a crit traumatic enough to cause a Paradigm Shift instance during the year. Luckily, so good so far…

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