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Peruvian by birth, I quickly took off to the UK as soon as I got the confidence, the language skills and some cash to invest in higher education and to learn what’s happening out there. What’s really happening in London? What’s the fuss about? Like a moth lured into a bug zapper I’m now willingly serving my 3rd year at the AA and loving every new bit of software tricks, meeting new people that hold more than one passport with more than one nationality, finding ways to make a 20 pound note stretch to last a whole weekend and hopefully riding a bike in Central London rush hour once again.

I gravitate naturally towards “Save The World” type of architecture even though I have been told many times “Architects dont solve issues, they just draw pretty images.”

Is that really the case? Can a drawing save the world? If we are in the business of cool renders then why not?

If a writer can write about how he can save the world (layered with tons of fictional makeup, though) then why cant an architecture student ramble on how to save the world, using the “unbuildable student project” excuse?

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